August 1, 2013 ARIA Session IV, Day 2

Today was a sleepy day, there’s no two ways about it.  I mean, it was a good day, but something about it was sleepy, starting this morning!  I did cross training this morning, which is enjoyable, if nothing to write home about.  Then it was the usual morning routine and time for our first masterclass.  Today’s morning class was with Professor Mendenhall.  We covered more about her suggested warm ups and pieces.  Thank goodness I recorded it so I could listen back!  Half the class was falling asleep for the first hour of class!  Why?  I have no idea, but like I said, it was a sleepy day! 

What I do remember about the class is that I liked her ideas about warm ups, I think they’re very useful and I want to try them.  I think she’s very interesting, but I think in a masterclass setting her strength is as a “lecturer” rather than as someone who can combine flute teaching and lecturing.  I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but that’s what I see in her teaching style.  I’m excited, though, to see how her masterclasses progress over the next eight days, because I have a feeling they may get much more interesting.

After lunch I went to investigate South Hadley’s farmer’s market.  Like everything else here it’s small and cute.  I had been hoping to get some different fruit, but the only option was blueberries, which I like, but I couldn’t quite convince myself to buy.  Instead I wound up with three little cucumbers (one of which I ate tonight and it was quite sweet and yummy) and three little zucchini’s which I’m excited to try! 😀  I timed getting to the farmer’s market right, I got there about 15 minutes after it started, but the whole trip took me maybe half an hour and by the time I was settled back in my dorm room the heavens had opened up and it was pouring.

After my farmer’s market excursion I studied music history for an hour or so.  It was worth my time!  I found several online tests which I chose to take.  Some sections of history I, apparently, remember very well, others, not as much.  The good news is: I know my weaknesses better now!

This afternoon’s masterclass was with Dr. Keeble.  We discussed Bach’s C Major Sonata.  It was such an amazing class.  I have almost two full pages of notes, some of which are reminders of things Dr. Keeble has told me in the past, others of which are were brand new ideas to me!  One of the best things we were introduced to in Dr. Keeble’s class this afternoon was a group called Red Priest check them out on youtube if you like Baroque music and musical humor, they’re pretty entertaining to listen to!  Just to include some of the highlights we hit in Dr. Keeble’s class there was the idea that, especially in Baroque music, the harmony, instrument (flute), and music blend into music (performance) as a whole, which is a really cool concept when you think about it!  We discussed all sorts of Baroque rules as well, but in the final few minutes of class Dr. Keeble told us that, once you have a certain level of proficiency with Baroque music, from playing, studying, and listening, many of the musical decisions are intuitive, not based on rules.  I thought that was a cool thought!

Right now, I’m sitting in my room, wearing a sweatshirt!  It’s wonderful!  I need to write a few e-mails and then reading will be the order of the evening!  Tomorrow, for those wondering, is a 4 mile easy run.  By the end I should be comfy, but in the beginning I’ll probably be a Popsicle! 😛  Seriously, happy to take it over being a puddle!


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