July 31, 2013 ARIA 2013: Session IV, Day 1

Today was the first day and it was a great one!  To start with, I woke up cold!  WHAT?  That’s impressive here!  So, when I got out for my run, the start was a little chilly, but hey, I think maybe that was good for me! 😀

This morning our masterclass started at 10:00am, as they all do this session.  Hey, I guess you have to make some concessions if you’re going to have 26 flutists!  Yeah, there’s kind of a lot of us!  So our first masterclass was taught by Dr. Keeble.  It was Orchestral Excerpts as Warmups and it was wonderful!  The subject matter was interesting, but the teaching was superb!  I played for this masterclass and I think I learned a lot.  Thankfully, I was recording, so I might stand a chance to remember what I learned… 😉

Any of you who have done masterclasses before know how hard it is to remember what you were told when you were performing, so I decided I’d try recording this sessions masterclasses and see how that works for me! 🙂  It seems like it’s going to be a good idea, so here’s hoping it works for me.

This afternoon, after lunch, I had a lesson with Dr. Keeble.  It was really nice to study with him again and I learned so much during my lesson.  We discussed all sorts of little details in the Mozart G major exposition.  I have so much to work on with that piece again.  It was really great because, after basically 6 months of not having a lesson with Dr. Keeble we were able to pick up from the points where we left off last.  It was also really exciting when he said he could hear how much I’d improved since my audition for him in February! 😀

This evenings masterclass was with Judith Mendenhall.  We covered Tone, Vibrato, and Colors.  It was kind of a mishmash of topics, but I do think I learned a lot from the class, even if I thought it was a little tricky to follow sometimes.  Either way, I know I gleaned some valuable information from the class and a whole bunch of new warm ups to try, so that’s exciting!  Beyond that, it’s been a good, but fairly easy day.  It was a nice first day and I can’t complain!  Tomorrow should be equally interesting and exciting!  Up tomorrow: more tone/technique work with Professor Mendenhall in the morning and Bach C major sonata with Dr. Keeble in the afternoon.

Half-marathon update: 5 miles today, tempo run: 9 min./mile!!!  (That’s a huge deal for me! 😀 )


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