July 30, 2013 …So I dropped off the face of the planet

So, I’m guessing many of you noticed that I haven’t been floating around much lately.  Maybe you think I’ve forgotten how to use the internet, and let’s be honest, maybe I have!  I’ll tell you what really happened, though: 10 days!  Have you ever had a week, or a little more, when you’re off/home on a holiday break and you want to do, or at least try to do, everything you can think of?  That was me for the last week!  I can’t even begin to tell you everything that I did this last week, there was so much, but I can give you a quick run down and some of the more exciting details! 🙂

Well, my last update was over a week ago, Monday July 22nd.  On Tuesday I had my flute lesson in the city, which was fantastic and went really, really well.  It took up part of my day and when I got home Mom and I went for a four mile+ walk.  It was so much fun and I had a blast, but with the September feeling weather, by the end of the night I had no energy!  Besides that, I had to make a concerted effort to get to bed that night because Mom and I headed back downtown the next day.

Why did I need to be downtown two days in a row you ask?  Well, I suppose I didn’t!  The reality is Mom and I haven’t really just been able to wander around the city without any exact purpose for a while, so we went down to do just that during the day, and we did.  In the evening, the real purpose of our trip happened!  There was a symphony concert in the park downtown, which I was dying to see (Shosty 5).  That’s the real reason we headed down!  It was a fantastic concert and I had a blast.  I would have updated my blog that night, because I had so much I wanted to share, but after a disastrous dinner attempt with Denny’s we wound up having eggs at home.  However, by the time dinner was over it was midnight (at least) and I was beat.  In addition to simply hanging out downtown all day, I had also run four miles in the morning, plus walking four miles downtown.  I think exhaustion was allowed!

Thursday I had a dentist appointment in the morning and Mom and I hit up one of the local sidewalk sales.  It was surprising how long it took us to make our way through the sale.  We didn’t even come away with that much, but we had fun, which is usually the most important thing!  🙂

Friday Mom and I went to another sidewalk sale (and the grocery store).  It was rainy, but fun.  The only bad part in all this was that the whole week felt like October!  Considering it’s July it was rather miserable, but I’m to the point, now that I’m back at ARIA and it’s in the mid-70’s that I am not complaining!  Dear weather gods, THIS IS GOOD! PLEASE DON’T CHANGE IT! 😉

What else?  Saturday was spent shopping, chasing after things I was going to need to go back to camp.  (Plus I got to do Zumba again, which was wonderful fun! :D)  Sunday was my long run, 7 miles.  I ran an average of a 10 min./mile pace all through that, which was a blast!  A large part of Sunday was also spent packing.  Exhausting work, but worth it because it meant yesterday was not so stressful.

Yesterday I woke up, went for a four mile run.  I think I ran about 11 min./mile, maybe 11.5 min./mile.  After I got home Mom and I went to lunch and then we went and saw The Lone Ranger.  I guess it was good?  I can’t get past the creepy cannibal villan and the cannibal bunnies.  I haven’t been that scared in a movie since Stay Alive.  Friends who were there, remember that?  Either way, I’m glad we went.  There’s so many movies we still want to see, I’m not sure how we’ll see them all before I go off to school, but we’ll make it work!  (I’ll post the list after this, and then let you know how we do with it! 😉 )

After the movie we came home and packed and that was pretty much it.  Considering it was the day before a 12 day trip for me, it was pretty relaxed.  This morning was much the same.  I got up at 5:30, got to the airport, breezed through security and I was at Mt. Holyoke by 1:45 or so.  What concerns me now is the trip home, since the trip out was far, far too easy!

I have my schedule for the following week and I’ll post updates as I go.  What I can tell you is: I have 2 lessons with Dr. Keeble from U of I, one lesson with Professor Thorne from Northwestern, and one lesson with Linda!  Tomorrow is the first day!  It starts with a 5 mile run, which will make it wonderful!  How the rest of the day goes?  Well, I’ll let you know.  For now I’m going to post that movie list and then curl up with Harry (because I doubt my tired brain can study right now) until 6:00pm EST, which is dinner! 🙂


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