July 22, 2013 Mini-Golfing

So, you may be asking: how’d that goal setting thing go?  Well, it didn’t work out perfectly (never known anything to work out perfectly first try), but it wasn’t bad and I definitely think it’s an experiment worth continuing.  I started my day by setting some general goals: knowing what was going to happen for the day and what I wanted to get accomplished within that framework.  For me, it worked well.

What did I get accomplished today, beyond finding out Princess Kate had a baby boy?  The day started well, since I went for a run.  After that I practiced for a while, following my practice plan for the day.  It was successful for a while, until I got distracted playing Harry Potter music.  Oops… then it was time for the mini-golfing trip.  My mom, my friends, and I used to have an indoor mini-golf place that we all loved, but the one by us closed and the one that was the second closest also closed, so we were left with the only franchise left being at least an hour away.  Sometimes, though, when Groupon has a deal for your favorite mini-golf site, you buy it, which is what Mom and I did.  Then, today, we jumped in the car and headed out for a round of mini-golf!  It was a blast!  If you’ve never played a game of black light mini-golf on a truly great indoor course, you’re missing out!  It’s so much fun!  Much more fun then an outdoor course, especially when it isn’t very crowded!  We spent an hour and a half golfing, goofing around, and having a good time! 🙂

On the car ride home I wound up getting a phone call from my best friend, who I haven’t talked to in ages.  She and I spent an hour on the phone together, which was really nice!  I miss her, and if she’s reading this, she should tell me when we can get together! 😉  My next big excitement came tonight, after Mom and I got home.

I was upstairs doing something and Mom was downstairs putting groceries away.  Dad walked in the door and when my parents come upstairs they tell me they’re going for a walk.  Keeping in mind that I’ve already run 4 miles and walked 1 mile today, plus the fact that I don’t really want to go out for dinner tonight, I opt to stay home and attempt to cook dinner.  (I haven’t really cooked by myself since I graduated college!)  Well, I did it.  I made Bahama Mama Pork Chops (http://caloriecount.about.com/bahama-mama-pork-chops-recipe-r383240), brown rice, and I cut up watermelon.  Considering the last time I made this was in September of 2011 I was rather pleased it was successful!  Aside from the process being a bit stressful, after being away from cooking for so long, I had a blast! 🙂  Tomorrow will be another day full of surprises, but seeing as I’m already falling asleep as I’m writing, I think I’d better go get ready for bed so I can enjoy the surprises as they come! 🙂

Half-marathon training: intervals/fartleks: 4 miles: 10 min/mile


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