July 20th, 2013 ARIA Session III: Day 10 and home

Yes, I know it’s not really July 20th!

Well, yesterday was another scorcher, near 100, again.  Thankfully, I was inside during the hottest part of the day!  As a whole, though we were a group of toasty, and very distracted, musicians yesterday.  (Ah, day 10, the last day…)

My day started with a five mile run.  It was nice to get outside before the heat really started to climb!  It was definitely enjoyable; I love the little lake that I run around here!  After my run came the usual morning activities, among them Damian’s class on tempo puzzlers.

I’m going to miss Damian!  I always found what he had to say highly interesting and yesterday morning was no different.  We covered many different orchestral excerpts as well as Debussy’s Syrinx.  Some of the major revelations were: (for whatever reason) we play all of these too slowly, that they are much easier, but more importantly, make much more sense faster, and, that in spite of this knowledge, it’s unlikely we’ll ever get the opportunity to play them correctly. *sigh*  Got to love how tradition can over-impact correct-ness.

After lunch, I hung out in the music building (AIR CONDITIONING!) re-copying my notes from the week, and once that task was done, reading.  The afternoon class with Damian (To Bb or not to Bb) was great, but mentally, we were all fried.  The class covered when to use thumb Bb, lever Bb, and F key Bb (just know there are three different fingerings).  Thank goodness I took notes, because otherwise I doubt I would remember any of it!

After dinner I came back to my room and packed up everything I had left out from the night before and then proceeded to swelter through the night.  Yup, it was so hot last night even I had issues sleeping.  Oh well, I’m flying home today, not playing, so sleep deprivation and caffeine is not as bad of a combination as usual!

Now, I’m finishing this up, about to head off to breakfast, and need to continue praying to the weather gods that my flight home isn’t delayed! 😉  (It worked!)

Oh, half-marathon training update!  Yesterday (Friday): 5 miles: 10 min/mile


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