July 17, 2013 ARIA Session III: Day 8

And today is the day when it hits us all.  We’re hot, we’re tired, and we want to go home!  I’m not talking about just a few of us getting antsy, I’m seriously saying every last person here is to that point now!  The good news is we have Thursday, Friday, and then Saturday means home, to family and air-conditioning.  (It depends on the person which they’re more excited about seeing again. 😛 )  Beyond being a little tired and mentally shot, today was a good day.

This morning was the second orchestral excerpt masterclass with Professor Boyd.  It was a good class, very interesting, the only problem is, most of us are to the point where we’re zoned out for most of it! X)  Oops!  It’s not intentional, it’s just, after 8 days of hearing flutists and hearing criticisms over and over again, you start to tune things out.  I did play, though, Mendelssohn Scherzo from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I’m glad I got the chance.  I think I was reminded of some things I should be working on to keep that excerpt afloat.

This afternoon was my lesson with Damian.  It was fantastic.  He’s incredibly knowledgeable and though his opinions may differ from those of other flutists I think so much of what he has to say is incredibly valid!  I brought Syrinx to my lesson with him and he and I went through and basically retooled the entire piece.  It was such a worthwhile experience!  Where as so many people leave the rhythm in the piece up to interpretation he’s all about making sure, no matter what, you stay in strict rhythm.  Guess what!  It works!  It was an amazing revelation when I tried what he said and it worked beautifully!  It was pretty exciting.  So I will definitely be playing in the Debussy class on Friday morning.

After my lesson my friend and I rehearsed our duet, which we’ll hopefully get to play tomorrow morning in Professor Boyd’s masterclass.  I say hopefully because, even though we’ll be starting tomorrow at 9:45am, there are 9 people who want to play (counting our duet as one) and typically each person gets half an hour.  You do the math…it doesn’t figure well, especially when you consider we need to be done by 12:00pm.  *sigh* We’ll see how it goes.  Tomorrow is Professor Boyd’s last day, so we’re seeing her twice.  Once in the morning, once tomorrow afternoon, and then she’s off to Aspen for the music festival there.

That means Friday we see Damian twice.  In the morning we’re working on Syrinx and Afternoon of a Faun in the afternoon “To Bb or not to Bb”.  I hate to say it, but we’re all anxiously awaiting Friday night. 😛 (We just like the idea of heading home, it’s nothing personal!!!)

This afternoon with Damian we did another Mozart class, this one on terraced dynamics.  Think of it like how an organ plays, it can’t do a gradual crescendo, everything has to happen all at once and that’s what we talked about.  It was interesting, though I admit if I hadn’t been freezing in the auditorium, it would have been helpful.  I feel like this place is polar opposites all the time.  Outside you’re a puddle, inside, you’re a popsicle.  Oh well.

Anyway, that was my day, good, but I’m ready to hit the road in a two days.  The good news is, no heat exhaustion today, and hopefully none tomorrow or the day after.  I’m hanging out in the air conditioning more, since yesterday, so that helps…a lot!

I did run this morning, all-be-it slowly.  4 miles at 10 and half/11 min each.


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