July 16, 2013 ARIA Session III: Day 7

So today was a pretty good day, minus the part where I’m pretty sure I almost fainted, but to that in a minute.  This morning was really good.  Woke up, did cross training, went to breakfast, warmed up, went to the morning masterclass.  This morning we covered orchestra excerpts.  I had intended to play, but after all my excerpts where gone in 10 minutes I didn’t, since I didn’t know if we were repeating excerpts or not.  It was a very useful class and I learned a lot, but don’t ask me what right now.  (I’ve had a bit of a rough day, give me a break!)  After class, I asked Professor Boyd if we could repeat excerpts.  She said we could, so I will definitely be playing tomorrow morning!

After the class was the usual schedule, lunch.  Then my friend and I went to the campus book store, since it was hot and the book store is air conditioned.  It was a nice little break from the heat.  I didn’t realize I shouldn’t have gone back out into it…oops!  After the bookstore expedition I went back to my room.  It was a little after 1:00pm then and my room wasn’t too bad.  I sat on my bed, called my mom, drank water, and read.  I was doing fine until about 3:00 when I called my doctor (not because I was sick!!!!)  After I called her I realized…I was really really dizzy and having trouble breathing.

I went downstairs to find my friend (I’d stayed in my room because we were supposed to rehearse there) and tell her I was off to the air conditioning because I knew something wasn’t right.  Didn’t find her.  Did get out of the ridiculous heat for a bit and realize I was slightly disoriented.  So, I went back upstairs, where she was waiting for me (go figure, lol) and we went, quickly, off to the AC!  I can’t say I feel too bad about not realizing I had what I think was heat exhaustion, because I didn’t feel anything until I stood up, except maybe a little short of breath.

Anyway, I got out of the heat, it helped. I kept drinking, it helped.  I sat, a lot, it helped.  And thankfully I made it through the afternoon masterclass, no problem, other than a splitting headache and dizziness.  I say thankfully because our new teacher is fascinating.  His name is Damian (Bursill-Hall) and we spent this afternoon discussing the harmonic series, more or less.  It was a really great class, which was really interesting.  Everything he said about the harmonic series and tone production made perfect sense, but he’s tough, very tough, but I like him.  I think he’ll make the next 3 days, including my lesson tomorrow, incredibly interesting!

So that was my excitement for the day.  I’m currently hanging out in my room, in front of the fan, zoning out/writing.  I feel better, but tired, which makes sense.  It’s cooled off, a lot, by now, which makes it more comfortable in here, though not perfect.

For those of you who are wondering: yes, I will run tomorrow.  Yes, I will be careful.  Yes, I will spend tomorrow in air conditioning, I learned my lesson.  Yes, I will go to bed earlier tonight.  And for those who don’t know, like me, here’s an article on heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps.  If I’d known, maybe I would have gotten out of here sooner! 😛 http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/heat-stroke/DS01025/DSECTION=symptoms

(And yes, I am okay now!)


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