July 15, 2013 ARIA Session III: Day 6

Well folks, today was Linda’s last day here at camp, but there was plenty of other activity happening besides that.  Today started with, well, really it started with my run, but class wise we started with a class with Professor Boyd this morning.  It was a general repertoire class.  There was so much that we covered, I can’t even begin to remember everything we heard and all Professor Boyd said without looking back at my notes.  Some of the music we heard was: Sonata in e minor-Bach, Caprice #13-Paganini, Fantasie-Hue, and Kokopeli-Hoover.  All these pieces have started blurring together in my head by now, but here are some of the highlights I remember being discussed.  We talked about phrasing, starting gestures at the bottom of the scale, or phrase, so that they weren’t so top heavy and maintained their core and sound all the way to the top, making sure phrasing made sense so you didn’t lose the audience amid the complexity of the phrasing.  I’m sure there’s more hidden in my notes from today, but whether I can find everything I’d want to write about or not is a separate question.  😉

This afternoon it was hot, so I stayed out of my room and shared a practice room with my friend in the music building.  We may have frozen, but at least we weren’t puddles on the floor!  I got to play some chord progressions I haven’t seen before, play some arpeggio ping-pong, do a little teaching, and, best of all, my friend and I decided we’re going to do a duet before the week is over for one of the masterclasses.  Not sure how we’ll pull it off, but we will!

After our crazy triple practice session we headed up for Linda’s last class, all about piccolo.  This one was totally different from last years class, which I also loved, but this year we received different information and part of that was because we actually had people prepared to play excerpts!  (Shocking, I know!)  It was a fantastic class and I think everyone learned a lot.  Tomorrow Damian Bursill-Hall comes to take Linda’s place.  I’m excited to hear what he has to say with two masterclasses on intonation, one on Debussy, and a fourth on Mozart (I’m telling you Mozart Immersion Week)!  I also have a lesson with him on Wednesday, so that should be an experience, I’ll let you know more about that when we get there.  Like last year, the “studio” is talking about going out to dinner Friday night.  Hopefully that will happen, but we’ll see how things go. 🙂

Half-marathon training update: 4 miles intervals/fartleks today.  10 min/mile and annoyingly sore bottom of my foot.  Off to see why that might be, but I suspect it’ll go away with sleep, because it’s eased a lot throughout the day! *phew!*


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