July 13, 2013 Aria 2013 Session III, Day 4

Well, I got into the swing of things today!  I played on both masterclasses today!  This morning was Professor Boyd’s masterclass where we went through Mozart G major.  It was a great class.  I was the last to play and the only one to play the second movement of the concerto.  It went really well and I was really happy with how it went, minus a missed F# in the first bar.  Professor Boyd had a lot of good comments.  Some of it was a different way of saying things I’ve heard so many times before from my other teachers, but sometimes you need to hear someone else say it before you’ll respond, though hopefully it’ll stick this time.  A lot of her comments had to do with phrasing and supporting my notes/using my air.  These are comments I hear over and over again, but I’m not great at doing them all the time, especially the supporting, so it’s really important for me to hear them again!  I think she thought my playing was good, which makes me happy because so many of us have been discussing our “flute lineage” this week.  Most of us are one generation of teachers removed from Professor Boyd, so we’re pretty terrified to play for her, not for fear of embarrassing ourselves, but for fear of embarrassing our teachers, who were her students, and who we all love dearly!  Most of us are now finally starting to get over that, but it still weighs on us at times!

This afternoon between classes I made an excursion into town.  It was definitely an enjoyable jaunt.  The shops are still the same, but they’re still as much fun as last year.  Cute and sweet, if, perhaps, some are a bit over-priced.  I stopped and got coffee at the coffee shop in town Thirsty Minds.  There are two places to buy coffee in town, one is where I bought today, the other the convenience store, Tailgaters.  I tried both last year.  While I cringe at how expensive Thirsty Minds coffee can be, it is vastly better than Tailgaters.  So, if you’re ever up in this area and are craving coffee, you now know where to go! 🙂

When I came back from my adventure I studied for a while.  Today I actually successfully studied without falling asleep!  I did a little reading, a little aural skill-ing, and some chord identification exercises.  It felt good to be studying and productive!  I practiced a little after, before class and then off I went to the Peter and the Wolf excerpt class.

What a fantastic class!  So much to learn at this one (with Linda).  I played for this class and had a blast.  Thank goodness my teacher had me work on all three excerpts and that she’s such a stickler for rhythm.  It made some of the basic mistakes that many people make playing the third excerpt turn into non-issues, so we could focus, yes on technical aspects, but also on many musical aspects too.  Linda was very pleased with how I played, so I suppose that’s a good sign, considering how much she’s worked with me at this point.  All and all today was a very good day!

Tomorrow I have my lesson with Professor Boyd, which should be a good experience.  I’m planning on playing the Martin Ballade a piece for next session of Aria and that I worked on in high school, but it’s stayed under my fingers fairly well.  It should be a good lesson.  I probably won’t play in masterclasses tomorrow.  In the morning we’re continuing with Mozart and since we only got through three people today, we’re meeting half an hour earlier at 10:00 vs. 10:30.  Tomorrow afternoon I may or may not play in Linda’s masterclass, it’ll depend who else wants to play! 🙂

Tomorrow is my long run too, so I’ll let you know how that goes.  This morning, for all my Zumba pals, I did a solo class in my bedroom.  Missed you all!


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