July 12, 2013 Aria 2013 Session III: Day 3

So before I get into Aria business, what I know most of you came to read about, I have to go into something else first.  As I’ve mentioned, “once, or twice, a minute, all summer” (re-reading Harry Potter, so I had to quote it!) I’m training for a half marathon.  During my training, and actually since the weather’s turned sort of nice again, I’ve kind of been running because I know I like it, not because I actively like it, or because I’m training.  I always feel good once I get out and get going, but the operative word is good, I don’t feel great, or fantastic, or amazing.  It’s okay, for a while, but eventually it means you have to struggle to get up to go run, and it just doesn’t work well.  Some how, for some reason unknown to me, this morning that all changed.

This morning I got up and changed into my running gear.  It was a little chilly, but I was rearing to go.  Well go I did and I think I was halfway through my first mile when I realized that the only thing I felt this morning was free.  It was the best feeling in the world.  I was free from any concerns about grad school, about what was expected of me here at Aria, from missing my friends, from missing my family.  For what turned into 38 minutes I was completely free of everything.  It was the most liberating run I’ve had in ages and it reminded me why I do this, it reminded me why I love to run and why I love to play.  It’s not just that it’s fun, or makes other people happy, or that it pushes me.  No, both things give me something nothing else can: a sense of freedom and when I’m in my own world running, or in my own world with music practicing or performing nothing can change that.  When I’m there I’m me and nothing else matters!  Oddly, as much as I learned today I think what I learned during my run at 6:30am was the most important lesson of the day!

Once my musical/”school” day started I was off and running.  This morning’s master class was with Professor Boyd (as all the morning classes are during this session).  We covered the C.P.E. Bach solo sonata in a minor.  It was a fantastic class and my only regret is that I had the wrong music! 😦  I still learned a great deal and two of my friends played on that class.  It was really an amazing class and Professor Boyd possesses such a deep and truly amazing understanding of Baroque music that I don’t think you can come away from studying with her without loving at least one of the Bach’s.  She can make what seems so simple and so complicated understandable and beautiful.  I will definitely make sure I remember where my notes from her classes are for the rest of my life!

Today I also had my second lesson with Linda.  Unlike my first lesson, which was a bit frustrating, this lesson was absolutely amazing.  I learned a lot from her today.  Most of today was spent on intonation.  We talked about playing in tune, yes, but it wasn’t just about playing in tune with an ensemble, it was also about making sure intervals are in tune with each other.  While I understood so much of the material we covered today on a basic level we went so much more in depth in my lesson and I feel I have a far better comprehension of the the concept now.

After my lesson I went back to my room to study some for my diagnostic exams for grad school, but apparently I had a very wearing lesson because within an half hour of beginning to study my eyes were shut!  Not to worry, I sensed it happening, so I set an alarm so as not to be late for the next class.

The next class focused on the two orchestral excerpts, for flute, from Beethoven’s Leonore Overture #3.  It too was an incredibly interesting class.  In just a few bars there is such a large of information to be discussed!  It’s almost unbelievable the detail you go into, between intonation, articulation, note endings, evenness of notes.  Things I thought I focused on, but not nearly in enough detail!  I will say that, though I played for this class, I haven’t touched the Leonore excerpts in 6 months, so it’s safe to say they were more than a little rusty!  It was worth playing though.

I did get practice time in today, which is pretty easy and also necessary at music camp.  But that’s just in case you were wondering, since I haven’t mentioned it much! 😉

For those who want to know my mile times for today:

2 miles: 10 min/mile

2 miles: 9 min/mile

Today was labeled “easy run”… 🙂


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