July 11, 2013 ARIA Session III, Day 2

I love how, as camp progresses, it gets more and more enjoyable.  Yesterday was rather dull, I’ll admit, but today was a much better experience.  My morning started (after my routine of working out before breakfast etc.) with some wonderful practice.  Mostly I started with warming up (long tones) articulation, and some scales and arpeggios.  Our first class today was, again, with Professor Boyd who spent an hour and a half talking about the Bach Partita in a minor.  This was a fantastic class and delved into many musical ideas in the piece.  We have some exceptional players at this session, so many of the physiological things don’t need to be addressed allowing for the focus to be on the music.  Most everything was discussed during the Partita class from articulation length to dynamic changes, to how to make breaths sound effortless, and of course, a discussion about the historical context and how idiomatic the piece was for the transverso flute followed.  It was a truly fascinating class.  I can’t wait to play on her Mozart and excerpt classes and have my lesson with her later in the session. 

After lunch I went on the hunt for Mt. Holyoke’s library.  It took a while, but I did find it (and I discovered they have a farmer’s market on Thursdays, useful information!)  The library building is exquisite!  Huge, expansive, and, yeah, it looks like a castle inside.  If I can take pictures in there I will!  You would not believe this building is a college library!!!  Once there I made a new acquaintance of one of the college students who works there.  How, you ask?  Well, she worked in the computer room and once I discovered the little scanners all hated me, she kindly helped me scan the documents I needed on the enormous sized scanner in the room.  After she and I started talking and had what was probably a 30 minute conversation about all sorts of random topics (including the fact that the entry to her part of the library is labeled “Platform 9 and 3/4)!

After my library excursion I returned to my room, made a phone call or two practiced a little, studied a little, and then got ready to go to my evening masterclass.  This evening’s class was with Linda and it was on “The Three Most Troublesome Bars in Mozart Concerti”.  What it turned into was a class on how to diminuendo without going flat, or sounding like you’re going flat.  As always Linda always has something incredibly useful to contribute to our repertoire of skills, something I say most sincerely!  You would, most likely, be amazed at how long it took most of us to begin to gain some proficiency in our diminuendo skills.  We’re all up to the challenge and we stayed 10 minutes after class ended figuring things out.  We left Linda’s class a little late for dinner, but much the wiser for it.

Tonight, I’m pretty much just hanging around my room. Reading, writing, maybe little studying if the mood strikes me.  Otherwise, just taking it easy.  Tomorrow I have my second lesson with Linda (not sure what I’m playing, yet), running, and two more masterclasses: one on C. P. E. Bach solo sonatas, the other on the Leonore overture excerpt.  I’ll let you know how it goes! :o)


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