July 10, 2013 Aria Session III, Day 1

And now is the moment I remember exactly how exhausting music camp is, but relish every moment of it.  Today was a long day and coming off of 4 hours of sleep, it doubled the length of the day, but such is life.  I had a good day today, if it was a little blurred with sleep-deprivation.  Like last year I’ll post my schedule, because it’s so much easier for you to see what I’m up to.  Everyday this is what my life looks like:

6:00am wake up



8:00-9:00am Breakfast

9:00-10:30am Practice/free time

10:30-12:00pm Masterclass

12:00-1:00pm Lunch

1:00-4:30pm Practice time/lesson time/free time

4:30-6:00pm Masterclass

6:00-7:00pm Dinner

7:00-10:00pm Free time/Practice Time

10:00pm Bed

So there’s a lot of free time/practice time built in, which is wonderful!  It leaves me time to practice and study and blog.  All three of which I actually did today (plus a little leisure reading)! :o)  And the best news today?  Last night it was actually cool enough to sleep!  I actually had to turn off the fan tonight, so it promises to be another comfortable night!  After last year, that’s heaven sent!

So today’s masterclasses were on the basics.  This morning we had a class about great sound with Bonita Boyd.  It was a good class and she’s really really personable.  The biggest observation I have is that, because of her reputation as the flute professor from Eastman, we’re mostly a little shy of embarrassing ourselves or our teachers playing for her.  Give it a few days and we’ll get over it.  She definitely has a lot to offer, though, but since I’ve heard a lot of it before I only managed to fill up one page of my notebook, sigh.

Our second class today was with Linda Toote and it was “Scales, Arpeggios, and Warm ups, why bother?”  I suppose it was a good class, but because I know what a wealth of knowledge Linda is, I’m ready to move beyond this class which I’ve basically taken 3 times now.  I admit I don’t do everything she talks about on a daily basis, sometimes not even on a monthly basis, but sometimes that’s because it doesn’t work for me, sometimes it’s because I run out of time.  Either way, I suppose it’s good information to hear again, so I made note of all the scale patterns and how long you’re supposed to practice them and I will try to make good on it in the coming week.  Besides, I better get my technique in gear for the fall! ;o)

I also had my first lesson today.  I had my lesson with Linda and took the opportunity to play piccolo for her.  I played the second Teleman fantasy for her.  It was a really beneficial experience and I definitely learned a *lot* from that lesson.  She knows her instrument very well and many many thanks to my flute teacher back home, I didn’t fall flat on my face because of all your help in teaching me picc.  I appreciate it!  My only concern is that Linda wants me to have the first movement of the fantasy memorized by tomorrow.  It’s only two lines, I grant, and all chords, but for someone totally unused to memorization it’s a bit of a tall order!

Tomorrow, like today, is another marathon day.  Our classes are: Bach Partita in A minor in the morning with Professor Boyd and the three most troublesome bars in Mozart Concerti with Linda in the afternoon.  However, no lesson tomorrow.  My next is the 12th.  I will keep you posted on the week, but for now, until tomorrow night, sleep well and have a fantastic Thursday!

(Half-marathon training update: 4 miles (As you feel) 10 min/mile)


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