July 8, 2013 The Final Countdown

The last minute packing, the insanity of trying to make sure you have everything (and that it all fits in your suitcase).  It’s all a part of making sure you’re ready to go to camp, even when you’re an adult.  You can start early, though never early enough, you can try to make sure everything will run smoothly, you can even try to out guess the weather and prepare to get stranded in an airport, but nothing, it stands to reason, will ever go as planned.

Today should have been easy, by all rights, but, as seems to be the theme with this summer, rain complicated life!  Waking up when all you see is iron grey clouds (seriously, think Hogwarts on Halloween night in Sorcerer’s Stone) proves very difficult.  So, I didn’t roll out of bed until 11:30am (which is pretty sad), meaning I didn’t get out to go run until noon, and by the time I was home and out of the shower it was, about, 1:30pm.  So I was slow today, let’s leave it at that, but Mom and I went and grabbed lunch, bought me some earplugs and then we came home and got right to work.

Go figure!  Despite the best laid and organized plans something is bound to go wrong.  Tonight it’s that my computer does not want to do a single thing I tell it!  First it was that, no matter what I did, it couldn’t find my iPod!  I played with it for an hour, before my dad came home and pretty much made it behave.  Now, I have to babysit the silly thing to make sure it actually backs up before I leave so I don’t accidentally lose files in transit!  Ugh!  Technology, wonderful as it is, can be infuriating!  Oh well, we take a breath, take a rest, and hope for better tomorrow.

Oh!  Half marathon training update (this went smoothly today!):  4 mile tempo run: 9 min./mile!

See you on the flip side of some quirky weather! ;o)


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