July 7th, 2013 Packing

I’m always astounded when I forget how long it takes to pack.  I don’t think my mom ever does, because she’s always taking care of last minute details for me!  (Thank you Mom!)  I, however, always do!  The good news is, I’m not a completely last minute packer…I don’t roll out of bed the morning of my flight and try to cram everything into a back pack and hope I don’t forget something.  I usually give my memory at least a day to think.  Music trips are always the most convoluted to pack for because there’s the “extra” packing list consisting of:


-Music Stand

-Instrument(s)/whatever is necessary to maintain your voice


-something in which to carry all said music

Plus remembering to remove all liquids from cases and batteries from metronomes (so they don’t accidentally go off in the airport!!!!)

It is, without a doubt, a process and an exhausting one at that.  The good news is, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel (and I’m not talking about seeing the sunrise when I leave)!  Plus, having started early means I don’t have to spend my last few days before camp frantically running about the house searching for a missing…something?  I can do that NOW! 😀  New definition of packing: my life for the next few days.

Oh!  And for those who want to know how race training is going here you go:

Monday July 1: 4 mile tempo run approx. 9 min miles

Wednesday July 3: 4 mile “as you feel” run (first two miles: 10 min/mile, second two miles: 11min/mile)

Friday July 5: 4 mile “easy” run approx. 11 min. miles

Sunday July 7 (TODAY!): 5 mile “long” run (since I usually run 6 miles a day 5 miles is a pretty easy distance for me!)  56 min. total, meaning about 11.5 min./mile

I’m hoping my speed increases as I go, but we’ll see what sorts of twists and turns the summer takes.

Onwards and upwards ;o)


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