July 6th, 2013 Prepping…

There are so many things occurring right now.  I’m currently preparing to go to camp, take diagnostic examinations for graduate school, go to graduate school, audition for ensembles in graduate school.  It seems like the list of things to do is never ending, but I know it’s all worth while.  As things become more hectic I actually expect to add more posts because, as I’ve learned from experience, the busier I am the more time I seem to find to do the things I want.  Typical!  When you’re busy you eliminate the clutter from your life and focus on the important things.  For me that means fluting, running (and Zumba), and studying (okay and leisure reading too)…okay and maybe de-cluttering my reality, not just my time management!  For now, the focus is on the immediate future, so…I’m jumping in and I’ll keep you posted on my life and adventures in the coming months with music camp, starting school, and training for a half-marathon.  How’s it all going to fit?  I guess we’ll find out!


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